Minimum Wage in Thailand

Minimum Wage in Thailand

Today I thought I might share with you what the official minimum wage in Thailand is. A few months ago I wrote a post, Thailand average salary income, this has proved extremely popular for some reason, however the post is based on average per capita income, which is not very representative for many Thai people. Hopefully what follows will redress the balance a little.

Thailand Minimum Wage by Province
The following table displays the 2010 minimum wage.

I should explain that in Thailand provinces can have different minimum wages and you can see the province I live in, Prachuap Khir Khan, is mid table. Now lest you think these are hourly rates let me just confirm this is for a day, yes its the day rate where a day might well be from 8am-5pm or later.

So based on this table a person on the minimum wage in Prachuap Khiri Khan would earn 164 Baht for their labours.

164 Baht roughly converts to the following:

Euro: €3.96

Pound: £3.32

Dollar: $5.36

Increase in Minimum Wage Thailand
Effective from January 2011 the minimum wage in Thailand was increased, again this is on a province by province basis. Unfortunately I cannot find a table that shows this increase but here are a few examples of how the increase, said to average 6.7%, effects different provinces.

Phuket is now the top paying province with a minimum wage of 221 Baht a day, while Bangkok and nearby provinces are now set at 215 Baht a day. Here in Prachuap the rise is 8 Baht a day to 172 Baht which means that the province continues to be one of the lowest paying provinces in Thailand.

An Average Wage for a Skilled Worker in Thailand
To put this in perspective lets look at a skilled labourer on a building site just down the road from my house. The lady in question who is a good bricklayer/plasterer works for around 9 hours each day including Saturday and sometimes Sunday each week. So that might be an average of 60 hours a week. So in a good week(not laid off for any reason) she would probably get a maximum of 1200 Baht so that’s around 5000 Baht a month or £102 or $163 or €121.

Of course this is always assuming the employer is willing to pay the minimum wage and believe me there are plenty that don’t particularly to migrant workers from Myanmar and the like. Quite just how many workers are on the minimum wage in Thailand is estimated at 4 million according to the Thai social security office although I suspect this figure is a lot higher particularly if you take into account the huge amount of illegal foreign workers in the country.

Thai Ministry of Labour

Bangkok Post


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